Stump Grinding

Kenyons are experts of tree stump removal in Lancashire – we can remove any stump from your garden, whether it’s large or small. We use modern equipment tailored for your stump removal requirements so you can be assured of a professional quality job.

When a tree is felled it is usually cut close to the ground. It can be left to rot, or removal can be accelerated by grinding the stump.

This prevents the stump regenerating by sending out shoots that can grow even when the tree has been ground below the surface.

Stump grinding does not remove all the roots but breaks down the main section at the base of the tree.

Honey Fungus (Armillaria mellea) is often referred to as the gardener’s nightmare, please contact us to discuss the options we give.

Costs are based upon the size and number of stumps to be removed.

When requesting a quote, we need to have some idea of the number of stumps and a rough idea of how wide they are and how tall the stump is.

We’ll also ask about the available access, but don’t worry if it’s a tight squeeze or near a wall or structure – we have a wide range of machinery that can access just about any area.

We try to be as flexible as we can. Contact us and we can discuss the options to help you.

Usually any stump we remove is completely ground away and will not regrow. There are one or two exceptions, willow for example, that may send up the odd shoot from a piece of root; but even these can easily be managed with advice from us.

We use very versatile equipment, which is motorised and self-propelled. With a wide range of machines, we can access any passageway – we really are ‘access all areas’!